DT nvidia,max-speed ignored when set on C5 as EP

When running AGX Xavier in EP mode, we are able to cap the speed of the EP to Gen 3 by setting nvidia,max-speed = <0x03> in the DTB. However, with Orin it seems this is ignored and the RP shows “LnkSta: 16GT/s (ok)” in lspci output . We are able to set nvidia,num-lanes = <0x04> on Orin and the RP lspci output reports “Width x4 (downgraded)” as it should. Is there any reason that this property is being ignored on Orin when the same works on Xavier and num-lanes works on both Xavier and Orin? Are we missing something?

We have managed to solve this by using the updated " max-link-speed " property in place of " nvidia,max-speed "

Glad to know issue resolved.

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