DTB_FILE setting not used in JetPack 6.0

I forgot to ask that, are you using 6.0 GA or 6.0 DP?

We are using the 6.0 GA.


I tried on AGX Orin and I can finally reproduce this issue.
We will check it internally.
Please specify the FDT entry for now as a workaround.


The default behavior now is that if you don’t specify FDT, then device tree is loaded from the UEFI partition.
If the file specified by FDT is broken, or this entire extlinux.conf is broken, then it’s loaded from the kernel partiton.

Or if you change the L4T boot mode in UEFI menu to kernel partition, which is by default ExtLinux, then it also loads device tree from the kernel partition:

So this behavior is expected for AGX Orin, but we should investigate why it’s not the case on Orin Nano.