DTS changes for USB configuration on Custom Carrier Board

We have a custom carrier board with two M.2 slots.
Each M.2 slot is connected with only one USB3 port (USB2 port is not connected).
These USB3 ports are connected to type-c ports on official devkit carrier board.

Now we have the problem that modules installed into M.2 slot are not detected by USB3 controller.
I guess the issue is related to DTS settings

How can I change DTS USB settings for my custom carrier board?



Please check the AGX Xavier adaptation guide. You need to remove the typeC related stuff in dts.

There is a typeC pd controller on the devkit for every type C port, if you are not using them, need to disable it first.

After some debugging effort, we found the issue was caused by something wrong with control signal pins.
Removing typec related stuff in DTS is not necessary and I have not done it.
Now we can enumerate and access M.2 (which is connected only with USB 3.0 port) modules

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I don’t think they are not necessary. If they are not necessary, why did other forum users have to disable them to make their non-typeC usb work?
If you are willing to share your board schematic here, it would be easier for us to understand your issue.