Dts file structure of Xavier Nx and Nano


I am new in BSP. I want to study dts file structure of Xavier Nx and Nano, But I am not getting from where should I start. what is the hierarchy of dts file ? which dts file will compile first and which will be last…

so It would be helpful for me if any one can guide me in it.

There is actually just one file for each platform.

Turn on a terminal on your jetson nano or nx and type dmesg |grep dts

And it will give you the dts name. Go to the source code and find this file. And you can start the trace.

That’s all.

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If you’re looking in the kernel source, then realize that the .dtsi (or several other .dts “ish” files) are just fragments. The device tree is not really part of kernel source, but because the device tree is sort of a set of arguments to pass to drivers, it makes sense that parts of device tree be combined only for the drivers and features of that configuration. So the component files of a device tree, as found in kernel source, are more or less combined in a shopping list the kernel itself is configured for. Then you get the different trees for various platforms which the configuration might apply to.

You need only the final tree for the carrier board and module combination, which is what the “dmesg | grep dts” tells you.


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