dual cards - x16 cuda GTS 250 with PCI geforce 9400 using GTS 250 with PCI 9400

If this is the wrong room for this question, plz forgive.

I’m trying to determine if a CUDA card will be incompatible with my PCI 9400, and if not, will the 9400 limit CUDA capabilities in any way?
I want to keep using two cards, one in the PCI slot, the other in the x16 slot. Currently, my 9400 and 9500 are working and enabling my 3 monitor set up.

If you plan to use CUDA extensively, I suspect it will be the GTS 250 in PCI-express x16 port :-)

So you just have to limit GT9400 for display and GTS 250 for pur CUDA computation, possibilities depends on your OS (Windows or Linux) and version.

Anyway you could select which GPU will execute your CUDA application, wether the 9400 or GTS 250, or you may even dispatch kernel to both (will give you around 10% “boost” over GTS 250 alone, for free).

see multigpu example of the SDK :-)