Dual gpu / multi monitor


I’m setting up a config with a gtx970 and a GT240.

I want to use the gtx to plug my main screens and the gt for a supplementary display. With window or linux setup in extended desktop. Could there be any performance issues? (espiecally when I’ll be using the gtx for gaming on the main monitors (sorry to ask about that here I couldn’t find any adequate sub forum. I’ll make up for it below).

I wil use both cards for dev purposes therefore I’m seeking some help regarding drivers and cuda toolkit installation.
The last driver for the gtx doesn’t apply to the gt. should I install both? if so in which order?
Is the Cuda 7.0 Toolkit backward compatible with the gt240 - as long as I take care of its compute capability (1.2) during developement?

Thanks in advance.

You cannot install 2 drivers.
CUDA toolkit is not compatible with cc1.2 devices.

If you want to use both GPUs, the latest toolkit you could use would be CUDA 6.5, and I’m not sure there is a driver that will recognize both GTX970 and GT240, but there may be.

Thanks bob for your quick answer.

Well I did more research on my own and it seems that I reached the same conclusions.

I couldn’t find a driver for both cards and latest version of nsight doesn’t support card series bellow 400.
Maybe I can manage something on linux with CUDA 6.5. Yet easier, I could get a 400+ card.