Dual GPU nvidia-setting don't work on Ubuntu 18.04LTS

I have an NVIDIA TESLA K20XM wich ave not a video out put and I’m trying to setting it up on my desktop computer, using the builtin graphics for video and NVIDIA GPU for processing.
At this point I already manage to have video output via intel builtin graphics with nvidia drivers installed and CUDA.

My xorg.conf file:
xorg.conf.txt (592 Bytes)

I can’t open nvidia-setting, every time I try to open it I got “ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system

When I try cmd “sudo startx” I got an error
startx_output.txt (1.2 KB)

Log from startx:
Xorg.2.log (24.7 KB)

I wold like to be able to open nvidia-setting and change some configuration
Any help to setup this?