Dual HDMI with different resolution

Hello support team,
Our platform base on tx2 with dual HDMI output. And we use fix edid code and set "use_fallback = true "in edid.c.
Does tx2 two HDMI support different resolution like HDMI0 1920x1080@60fps and HDMI1 1024x768@60fps according to edit edid code?

anyone can help? I This’s really important for us.


We support different resolution only when you don’t disable the edid read.

I mean the driver will support that when use_fallback = false.
use_fallback is just a variable for debug purpose. Please do not take it as a solution.
Why you cannot use the edid from your monitor?

Our monitor does not support edid func. In hardware, we convert tx2 HDMI to VGA.

You can try to hardcoded the edid to the dts for each display.

There is a script that is not in use now. But your case can leverage it.


I noticed this script just change sor1 display parameter. So what about sor? In the past, we set edid fallback true and change default edid parameter in edid.c. Both of hdmi0 and hdmi1havethe same output resolution.

I am not asking you to just use this script. I meant you can check what this script is doing and try to do the same thing on all the sorX in your dtb.

Ok, I get it. Thanks a lot