Dual monitor? — Not even an HDMI splitter works

Hello. I’m working with a Jetson Xavier NX devkit (ssd booted).

And I’m struggling to either:

  1. mirror the HDMI display through an HDMI splitter cable (yes, mirror exactly the same screen to another monitor). But most of the time when I do this, neither displays will display anything, just a “no signal” message. Even though I already used 3 diffetent hdmi splitter brands.

Or, second method instead of the above…

  1. Enable DP port as monitor-0 as well as the HDMI as monitor-1 to make the Jetson a dual monitor.

Anything will be appreciated.


You already answered the question by yourself. The 2nd one is the official method to support 2 monitors on NV devkit.

If you want 2 HDMI, then maybe you can buy some carrier boards from other vendor who made 2 HDMI on it .

NV devkit carrier board only has x1 DP and x1 HDMI.

Thanks… Do you recommend any good carrier boards? I’ve been searching for vendors but seems I can’t really find too much info, if not anything.

Thanks for your time.

What is the purpose of this request here? Is this for personal use only or for some production?

I mean if DP + HDMI can work fine, why do you need to use HDMI+ HDMI? Any specific request for 2 HDMI?

In theory, it is for production. But I’m doing some test on devkit… The thing is, I’m using a dp to hdmi converter to plug it on the 2nd monitor… but the board doesn not detect the DP port… It obly reads the hdmi, thus it only displays hdmi in monitor 1. Monitor 2 says “no signal”.


I can only tell that you are not the first one trying x2 HDMI port. This SoC has been released for more than 5 years and we can guarantee that x2 HDMI port will work if your hardware design is correct and software configuration changes to x2 HDMI.

Please be aware that testing DP → HDMI adapter on devkit is meaningless. The final product with x2 HDMI will have both ports in HDMI mode. But devkit is x1 DP mode and x1 HDMI mode.

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please check the list here if you need vendor custom board to check x2 HDMI capability.

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Thanks for the link…

I’m just getting my hands wet with Nvidia, and didn’t know where to find reliable carrier boards. On the meantime, I’ll keep doing tests on the devkit for the sake of getting more familiar with it.

Thanks a lot, I’ll check out the link and pick the right carrier board.

Have a great day!

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