Dual Monitor Setup


I am having GTX 650TI AMP GPU with dual HDMI and Dual DVI ports running on Windows 7 64bit, I want to run 2 monitors with 2 HDMI slots and I am getting extended displays on both my monitors but I can access only one main monitor and it only works if one monitor is on HDMI and other is on DVI.

Is this the only way it will work or am I doing something wrong, please support, thanks !!

Good Morning.
I’m not sure I understand the issue, you indicate that you are getting extended desktop. but you also state that you can access only “one main monitor”.
I assume the feature you are looking for is Mosaic. This feature creates a single desktop across multiple displays rather than “extended” separate displays. Mosaic is a Quadro feature that is supported on NVIDIA’s Professional line of graphics cards.

I don’t have any details on GeForce cards supplied by NVIDIA partners
Support for GeForce products is provided by the supplier of the card,
I assume it is a Zotac card https://www.zotac.com/us/support#contact


Thanks Bill, yes it is Zotac GTX 650TI AMP GPU and I am sorry if I am on a wrong forum as I had asked a friend to help and I got this forum link from him and hence I created this thread.

My problem is that I can access both the monitors only if I am on HDMI & DVI ports, but when I use both the HDMI ports I cannot use both the monitors, only one of it but I do get extended displays the way I get from HDMI / DVI, I hope you get my problem.

I could really use your help if it is a quick solution if I am doing something wrong, if it is lengthy and complicated then I can use the Zotac support through the link you have provided.

Thanks again

I don’t have access to GeForce hardware, so I cannot test your configuration. The user manual from Zotac that I found online does not show any detail about configuration. I think your best path is at the Zotac site. Please review the FAQ or email/phone call to request support.