Dual NVidia GPU installation issues

Hello everyone,

I have a system with a Quadro FX 1800 (that I want to use for the display) and a Tesla C2075 (that I want to use for developing/running/testing CUDA applications).

As I have seen, the latest CUDA Toolkit that supports compute capability 2.0 (that of the Tesla C2075 GPU), is CUDA 8.0. However, the drivers included in that toolkit don’t support the Quadro GPU. As a result I had installed CUDA 6.5 to support both cards. But now I need to run some applications that require at least CUDA 7.5 and the upgrade cannot be postponed anymore. Any advise how to proceed to install CUDA 8.0 but somehow keep support for the Quadro card and be able to have a display?


I forgot to mention that I am on Ubuntu Linux 14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr