Dual Quadro 4000 running 4 monitors Is it possible ?

Due to an error in ordering a set of videocards I got 4 Quadro 4000 instead of Quadro 600’s.

The thing is, I want one PC to manage 4 monitors. I’m wondering though, if a dual Quadro 4000 is able to do that as well ?
I got the WS095ET set of HP.

According to the NVIDIA specification pages (Quadro 600 and Quadro 4000), a Quadro 4000 has one Dual Link DVI-I and two DisplayPort connections. The number of Digital Outputs is 2 and the number of Analog Outputs is 1. So if you want to connect two monitors to one Quadro 4000, you can connect the first via either DVI or DisplayPort and the second via DiplayPort. So if your monitors support DisplayPort: yes, you can connect two monitors to one Quadro 4000. If your monitors support only DVI, maybe you can use a DisplayPort to DVI converter (never tried that myself).