Dual SOM power sequencing

We are designing a carrier board with 2 Xavier NX SOMs and would like some feedback on power sequencing.

POWER_EN(pin 237) of both SOMs will go to a voltage supervisor and will be asserted when 5V is stable. SYS_RESET*(pin 239) from each SOM will go to the inputs of an AND gate and the output of that gate will enable the 3.3V and 1.8V power supply on the carrier board.

SHUTDOWN_ REQ*(pin 233) of both SOMs will go to a JK flip-flop and will latch and hold the MR pin of the supervisor LOW, which in turn will pull POWER_EN(pin 237) low.

I can provide the schematic privately if that helps.

Hi, we don’t have dual Xavier NX design guide. Please follow the power on sequence in current Design Guide and the logic design in reference carrier P3509 schematic, to make sure each module can successfully boot up separately.

Thank you for the prompt response. This discussion will be moved to NVBug #4293951.

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