Dummy Data support


Does TensorRT support Dummy data now?

If not, do you have some similar ways to support Dummy data?

Hi big-cat, what do you mean by dummy data? You could just input a buffer of zero’s or some other constant value and it would still run and give the performance (this is what trt-exec does).


In Caffe, there is a DummyData layer which is not supported by TensorRT, so we remove the layer for running the caffe models. But currently we think removing the Dummy data layer affect our models accuracy.
So does TensorRT support DummyData layer directly now?
Or do you have similar ways to realize DummyData layer function?
Please specify your methods and share a demo/sample, it is very urgent for us, thanks


Sorry that TensorRT doesn’t have dummyData layer support.

The layer looks like a random number generator based on the parameter in prototxt.
You can try to implement it with a plugin layer.