DUO MLX on Jetson TK1

I am having troubles installing the DUO MLX drives version DUO3D-LIN- Error is probably because I am unable to kind the .ko file for Kernel 3.10.40. Anyone else having same problem or have some solutions ?

You’ll need to ask the distributor or support people for the ARMv7/armhf Linux drivers…their web site doesn’t really say what Linux drivers are available for download, but usually no mention of architectures implies they only have PC support in binary format.

I have put in a request to the developers, so I am hoping to get some solutions there. I am quite new to the entire Linux world, so did not really understand “usually no mention of architectures implies they only have PC support in binary format”. Nonetheless thanks for the reply.

Linux, and all operating systems I know of, are “compiled” in a language which people write in plain text…the compile process then produces machine language based on that programming (machine language is binary, and not human-readable plain text). The machine language on an Intel format 64-bit CPU (which includes AMD) is known as x86_64 (this is a desktop “PC”). The machine language on an ARM CPU of a TK1 is ARMv7 architecture, and various options combined with that are known as armhf. x86_64 and ARMv7 are not interchangeable. If you get source code for a driver, then you can compile it for insert into any kernel architecture…but you have to compile it for that specific architecture.

When a driver is released in binary format (without source code), then it must already be compiled for that hardware/architecture. Most of the time the precompiled binaries distributed without source code are intended only for a desktop PC (x86_64), and have no way to work on ARMv7/armhf. This would mean the distributor of the camera would have to compile and release the ARMv7/armhf binary before the camera would work in a TK1 kernel.

Basically you must ask the provider of the software for either source code of the kernel driver so you can do the compiling, or else for a binary precompiled ARMv7/armhf driver.