Duplicate pwr button on Jetson AGX Xavier DC

Good day!
How can i duplicate pwr/reset/forcerecovery buttons?
Have to use J508?

But after I used pins 1-2 together and pins 3-4 together, new reset and forcerecovery buttons didn’t work(standart res/forrec buttons work right). And I can use only new pwr button and only for start system.

hello a.katkov1991,

could you please also share more details about your actual use-case.

I use Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit with JetPack 4.3 and ubuntu 20.04

How can I duplicate buttons on the custom front panel?


Custom panel

hello a.katkov1991,

please check Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification,
you may refer to [Table 3-7. Automation Header Description] for using 8-pin header, J508.

Which pin should I tie together to duplicate the power button, reset button, and full restore button?

please check Table 3-7, there’s pin number for the usage.