Duplicated character motion seq in timeline results in a motion blur error

Hello Machinima developers!

I just found a strange bug, see this video:

The reason I have to duplicate the walking loop, is that it is just too short for my shot.

So motion blur seems to catch that subframe movement of the Xform, animated with “time sample editor” in Machinima.

My only workaround was to render that one frame in Path Traced without motionblur, but it gives a little different look for the frame…

Hi Pekka,
I think you need to use KeyFramer instead of Time Sample Editor, and set the interpolation to Stepped. This way the sub-frames won’t sample with interpolation of the root. Attached is a simple example scene.

motion_blur_character_offset_flattened.usd (26.0 KB)

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So sorry to tell but Keyframer did not solved this, see here please: