Duplicating Nano Image of 4Gb onto 2Gb versions

The 2Gb version of the Nano just arrived and what I’d like to do is duplicate the (working) image off the SD card from the 4Gb version onto the 2GB – and save 2 couple DAYS of manual labor.
Is this doable? Practical?
I’d like to have both units running the same software and OS for the foreseeable future, as I run tests and development on the two.
First goal is getting Julia to run on them and then try to port octoprint from RPi’s onto the Nano’s and then see if klipper can be ported as well. Last step is converting the Python code from the aforementioned software into Julia. All for playing with my 3D printers.
Any help, ideas, derision? :)

hello Skypuppy,

you may consider to back-up your APP partition since that’s the content of your root file system.
please have a try to execute flash script with -k APP -G back-up.img.
here’s developer guide, To clone a Jetson device and flash for your reference,

once you had the back-up image, you should copy the file to overwrite the default system.img and deploy to your targets.
please keep -r option enabled for your deploy process, -r options will skip building system.img, and reuse the existing one for image flashing.