During the process of flashing Jetson Nano BO1 , the power got disconnected, resulting the device monitor blinking continuously

During the process of flashing Jetson Nano BO1 with a USB cable through the SDKMANAGER, the power got disconnected, resulting in the device not being able to boot properly and the connected monitor blinking continuously.
Could anyone help me to resolve this issue?


have you tried to re-flash it?

Yeah.I have re-flashed the SD card and tested it on another Jetson Nano, which booted up without any issues. However, this particular Jetson Nano is still having problems despite using the same SD card.
And I tried to perform a factory data reset, but the keyboard was unresponsive and I couldn’t confirm the action. As a result, nothing happened.


if the bootloader in the QSPI memory on your module is corrupted, which is very likely because you got power disconnected during flashing, then no matter how many times you flash your SD cards, situations will still be the same.

Please re-flash with SDK Manager to fix it.

I fully updated the SD card on another Jetson Nano B01 and then inserted that SD card into the Jetson Nano that is having the issue, but the problem remains the same - the screen continues to blink over and over.

Well, did you understand what I said in the previous comment?

Bootloader is stored in the QSPI memory on the device itself, not SD cards.
Inserting a working SD card is not going to fix a device whose bootloader has been corrupted.

The only way to recover from this chaos is to re-flash your device with SDK Manager, which will also flash the QSPI memory to have bootloader fixed.

I tried to reflash the SD card, but the screen is still blinking. Even in manual mode, the Jetson Nano is not detected by the SDK manager to perform the flash.

Did you put into the force recovery mode?
Or you don’t know how to do it?

It is unrelated to the SD card. The SD card holds only the operating system. There is QSPI memory on the module itself, and this contains the equivalent of a PC’s BIOS, along with all of the boot code. It is that code in QSPI which is corrupt, not the SD card. Flashing the module will fix that, but flashing the SD card will have no effect.

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