Dutch Belgium

Can anyone, please, set the language, for the site, if i select Belgium, in Dutch, or French, or German ?

I want too be able, too read stuff, in Dutch(Belgium), and not be forced, too read stuff, in French(Belgium)

Can u guys, transform, the language, of Belgium on the site, too an ability, too be able, too chose, between the

3 languages of Belgium ?

Belgian people, will be very delighted, … .

Thx in advance, … .

Roberto Bermejo y Martin

and also, in the programs ?

Hi Roberto,

Thanks for your suggestion. What site are you referring to? The Devtalk forums only support English at this time. We hope to add localized language in the future.


Hello, i want too say, the site, of geforce, where i can choose dutch Netherlands, but i cannot choose dutch Belgium … . I can only choose, Dutch Netherlands, and i cannot choose Dutch Belgium, or german, or deutsch belgium … .

In Belgium, we speak 3 languages … .

… At least, we are supposed, too learn them in school … .

So, i thank u for your quick answer Tom … .

… Could u tell this, too the geforce html-programmers ?

I think, they should add, this function, for the Belgian people … .

Thx Tom once more, for your quck reply ;)

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this on to the Geforce team.