DVS Capture Card and GTX 8800 Nvidia GPU Capture Card and 88xx Nvid on Multicore

Hi All,
I am working with

  1. Multicore System with 64bit RHEL 4.5 linux as OS
  2. Nvidia GTX-8800 Graphic Card
  3. DVS Capture Card

My capture card is capturing NTSC Video at 30fps.

As soon as I enable CUDAMallocHost to allocate memory on host, in my capture card’s program the program starts giving a FRAME LOSS!!!.

I disabled IRQBALANCE service but things didnt work…

Any guidance will be appreciable.

Samir Bhatt

Just to be sure -

what happens if you do CudaMallocHost first, and then start the capture program?

(I suspect that the DMA interaction between the CUDA GPU and the capture card is causing this - but I don’t know.)

Firstly Thanks for the response, yes It is already done first.

To brief you more, following is the code skeleton

  1. CudaMallocHost is the first initialization in the code

  2. Initialize the capture

  3. Spawn capture thread

  4. Spawn Processing Thread.

  5. Get the results…

Any guidance will be appreciable.