DW_BUFFER_FULL on dwSAL_createSensor()

Please share the full command that worked for you, as it will be helpful for other developers who might be using the same Quanta camera module.

To address this 3 or more cameras use case, I suggest creating a separate topic on the forum. In the new topic, please include the full command you are using and attach the syslog, consolelog, and rig files that you mentioned. Although the forum can provide assistance, it’s possible that you may still need support from Quanta for this particular scenario.

The parameter name that worked for me is:

This is what “lines up” with the .nito file that the application pulls from.

sudo ./nvsiplcamera -c HZKJ_IMX728_ES2_V2_120FOV_CPHY_x4 -m “1 0 0 0” -sR

or in a rig.json file you would put:
“parameter”: “camera-name:HZKJ_IMX728_ES2_V2_120FOV”

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