DW camera-type for SF3324 and SF3325

Hello support,

what are the recommended settings for the “camera-type” parameter of dwSAL_createSensor() for cameras SF3324 (RCCB) and SF3325 (RCCB)?

As it seems there are no options for those particular cameras and discussions in this forum hint to using the ar0231-rccb-ss3323 and ar0231-rccb-ss3322 options. At least ss3322 doesn’t match the viewing angle of the SF3324 (100 vs 120 degree). Otherwise using those options seem to work fine.

What are the option values officially recommended by Nvidia?

Dear martin.thiede,
Please check with ar0231-rccb flag

Hello SivaRamaKrishna,

For us as well as other people on this forum ar0231-rccb is not working at all for those cameras.
It gives very bad results (over exposed and green cast), so the ones I mentioned above are much better options.

Since SF3324 and SF3325 or officially supported as far as I know, there must be a setting which developers at Nvidia used to test this. That’s what I’m interested in, which settings should work with these cameras? Or is it a bug that ar0231-rccb is not working?

Dear martin.thiede,
SF3324 and SF3325 are properly distinguished with flags in next release. Currently, you need to use ar0231-rccb.