dwDataConditioner_prepareData how to pass input images when the number of input images are more than 1?

Hi, I am trying to run my custom network using DriveWorks as shown in dnn samples. I can run my model for batch size 1 using dwDataConditioner_prepareData() as follows:

CHECK_DW_ERROR(dwImage_getCUDA(&rgbaImage, m_imageRGBA));
CHECK_DW_ERROR(dwDataConditioner_prepareData(m_dnnInputDevice, &rgbaImage, 1, &m_detectionRegion,
                                                     cudaAddressModeClamp, m_dataConditioner));

Now I want to pass data to my model with batch size greater than 1 using dwDataConditioner_prepareData().
But I didnt understand how to pass inputImages to function.

dwDataConditioner_prepareData ( float32_t * d_outputImage ,
const dwImageCUDA *const * inputImages ,
uint32_t numImages ,
const dwRect * roi ,
cudaTextureAddressMode addressMode ,
dwDataConditionerHandle_t obj

How can I pass input image list to dwDataConditioner_prepareData? Thanks in advance.

Dear @mugurcal,
Note that, inputImages parameter is pointer to list of dwImageCUDA objects. You can fill dwImageCUDA objects in the respective before passing to dwDataConditioner_prepareData and set numImages accordingly. Let us know if you have any issues

Thanks for your reply. I managed to pass batched input to model as follows:

dwImageCUDA *inputImages[6];
for (uint32_t camNum = 0; camNum < m_numCamera; camNum++)
   inputImages[camNum] = m_rgbaArray[camNum]; // m_rgbaArray is type std::vector<dwImageCUDA*>
auto inputImgs = static_cast<const dwImageCUDA * const *>(inputImages);

CHECK_DW_ERROR(dwDataConditioner_prepareData(m_dnnInputDevice, inputImgs, 6, &m_detectionRegion,
                                                 cudaAddressModeClamp, m_dataConditioner));
CHECK_DW_ERROR(dwDNN_infer(m_dnnOutputsDevice, &m_dnnInputDevice, 6U, m_dnn));