dwObjectClusteringAlgorithm missing Algorithm DW_CLUSTERING_DRIVENET


In recent 0.6 release of DriveWorks SDK, dwObjectClusteringAlgorithm enum have missing algorithm for DW_CLUSTERING_DRIVENET which is proprietary of NVIDIA. Is it removed purposefully? During reading documentation about dwObjectClustering_cluster method I found that document does mention about DW_CLUSTERING_DRIVENET but enum doesn’t have that field. Here’s the comment from documentation:

  • @note In DW_CLUSTERING_DBSCAN clustering, the confidence value of an output object is the sum of confidence
  • values of all its members. Therefore, its range is not guaranteed to be [0,1].
  • @note In DW_CLUSTERING_DRIVENET clustering, the confidence value of an output object is determined to be
  • in [0,1].

Currently enum only have DBSCAN as algorithm.
typedef enum {
/// DBScan clustering.
} dwObjectClusteringAlgorithm;

Can somebody look into this?


Hi sarveshd,
Thank you for brining it to our notice. We will remove it from the documentation. Currently, DW_CLUSTERING_DBSCAN is only supported

So does it mean that DriveNet won’t work as it used to work in 0.3 because Proprietary NVIDIA algorithm is not supported?
Do you plan to support that? If yes, do you have any timeframes?

Dear sarveshd,
DriveNet will work like in 3.0. DW_CLUSTERING_DRIVENET is a proprietary algorithm that works only with Drivenet.
If you are using own network you can use DBSCAN.

Yes I know that proprietary algorithm only works with DriveNet and I m trying to use DriveNet but because DW_CLUSTERING_DRIVENET is not there it doesn’t work the way it used to work, so my question is whats the timeframe to bring back DW_CLUSTERING_DRIVENET in DriveWorks SDK, if there is any?