DX11: Bounded Buffer SRV's and UAV's are not visible at API Inspector (since 5.5-6.0) (fix available)


Since a couple of versions of NSight we have the problem that SRV’s as well as UAV’s which are bound are not visible at every Shader Stage inside the APi Inspector Window. We work with NSight on Win10 & DX11. Is this a known issue or are there other reasons that prevent NSight showing the buffer resources. SRV’s and UAV’s of texture resources are visible. Only Views of Buffer resources are not visible.

Any ideas?

Best René

Hi Rene,

We have reproduced this issue and created an internal case to track it. We’ll let you know when there’s any update.


Hi Cody,

thanks for your investigation efforts. Looking forward to hear from you.


Hi René,

The fix for this issue is confirmed and will be included in the coming release.

Hi René,

We’ve updated the 6.0 download with this fix.
Please visit https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=nsight-visual-studio-edition-6-0-0
to download version

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