DX9, problems with DrawIndexedPrimitives when using Nsight, triangles not drawn/missing

I am having an odd problem with rendering geometry in DirectX9. Normal rendering without Nsight is OK, but with Nsight enabled parts of my geometry are missing. From what I can tell the actual draw call is OK, but it does not draw the expected amount of triangles.

For this I use a buffer and various SetStreamSource calls to offset within the buffer (not the best but let’s go with it), then various DrawIndexedPrimitives calls to draw geometry, with offsets to the index buffer.

I am quite stumped on this seeing as it is hard to debug and does not seem to be have any clear leads. Would anybody have an idea what this could be related to / whether this is a Nsight bug?

Hi JeroenDStout,

It’s better to have your run-able samples to some local investigation. Hard to tell why based only on your words.