DXCore issues

Not sure if this belongs here:

I am having some issues with calling GetAdapterCount() on a IDXCoreAdapterList from within WSL2 using an Nvidia gfx card, the value always returns 0. I have tested with a different machine (this case has an intel iris plus gpu) and it properly returns back the correct count using the same code.

Running Ubuntu 20.04 with the 121 kernel and the latest WSL preview driver, is there a restriction where I can only use CUDA and nothing else?

I think the GetAdapterCount() of IDXCoreAdapterListreturns only DX adapters in the system.

DX WSL support is not yet included in the Nvidia driver. It will be coming later.

This would be correct, since libd3d12.so is avaliable to WSL2 I woudl expect that I should be able to use the DX… function calls to get the adapter and then make standard DX12 calls which I guess doesn’t seem to be the case for the Nvidia WSL preview driver which is unfortunate, as mentioned I was able to do this with the intel and AMD driver.