Dynamic actors never go to sleep (PhysX 3.2 / 3.3)


In my application I have a floor made of kinematic boxes, on which other dynamic boxes fall.
In PhysX 2.8.4, the dynamic boxes go to sleep a short time after falling on the “ground”.
In PhysX 3.2.x or 3.3 (official), the dynamic actors never go to sleep.

In PVD, I can see that the linear and angular velocities keep changing for these objects, but the values are very low (1E-05 to 1E-08)…
Here are the other parameters of my actors:

  • LinearDamping: 0,05
  • AngularDamping: 1
  • MaxAngularVelocity: 2
  • SleepThreshold: 0,005
  • WakeCounter: 0,385

I have tried increasing the linear and angular damping and the sleep threshold, but the result is the same.

Has anyone already encountered such an issue?

Thanks and best regards,