Dynamic changing of frame rate in NVENC

Hello everyone,
Does the nvEncodeAPI support dynamic changing of frame rate? I mean, I want to change the frame rate in the encoding process.

I have checked the API, but found no such function or paramters.

What about NvEncReconfigureEncoder() ?
I think that frame rate (frameRateNum/frameRateDen) is used only for estimating average frame rate input to NVENC to achieve rate control (eg. quality and size that is computed from “*BitRate” and “frameRateNum/frameRateDen”) (rcParams - rateControlMode (CBR, VBR, CostQP …), averageBitRate, maxBitRate, targetQuality). NVENC encode frame as fast as possible and do not add PTS/DTS to frame (only elementary stream).
Same as NVDEC decode frame as fast as possible and you must queue decoded frame before display to match PTS/DTS timing (https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1022976/video-technologies/nvdec-frame-display-rate/).

mcerveny’s answer is correct. The frame rate has no meaning in NVENC other than deciding rate control parameters.