Dynamic graphs?

Have you come across any scenarios where users need their graph to change dynamically? What are those scenarios? For example, the user has a large existing graph and modifications in the form of edge insertions or deletions are streamed in?

A number of customers have been discussing the notion of a dynamic graph. There are two main thrusts we have seen:
• A fixed graph with time attributes where we run algorithms that filter data based on different time windows
• Graphs where the graph is actually being updated over time. That is, we want to create a graph, run some algorithms against that graph and then add/update/delete edges from the graph before running more algorithms.

We have been looking at options for implementing these.

Thank you : ).

Can you please say something more about the second bullet? What are the applications and/or what are the algorithms being run?

We have customers in the Financial sector and in the Cyber Security sector that have been interested in dynamic graphs. Most of these are for running GNN workflows… do some inferencing, append some new financial or cyber transactions and then do more inferencing.