Dynamic platform for security cameras using Deep Stream

Hello all! We have created a platform to create analytic systems over security cameras running over DeepStream, and we want to share it to the community,

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The system is called KSI VISION, and it is capable of gather several modular analytics and cameras in the same system, and make it user configurable.

The platform has three core elements:

  • Locations: the virtual locations where the cameras are added
  • Cameras: the cameras
  • Bots: the analytics over the cameras

Locations and cameras:

Several Cameras are allocated in virtual Locations. The system relates the physical space with the virtual space.

The bots are the different analytics that can be added to the cameras. It is possible to add a bot to a camera by user configuration.

When a bot is added to the camera, KSI adds to the platform:

  • The live view: Where the real time (and historical) information is displayed

  • The dashboard view: Where the statistical data is displayed

Live view:
The live view is the main screen of the system, and shows all the live (and historical) information related to the location. Also shows the notifications and alarms of the system.

Dashboard view:
The dashboards are full user configurable. Each bot has related charts that the user can add any time. Also is possible to configure the charts date, put in live mode, resize, change titles, etc.

We think the value of the project is:

  • The possibility of inference over existing security cameras systems, generic, and user configurable.

  • Th capability of gather the analytics of several different locations in the same place

  • The fact that the cameras and analytics are added dynamically, using DeepStream optimization

  • The possibility to add new analytics, with minimal develop efforts in display results, manage cameras, dashboards creation and reporting

We keep aware for your comments or questions,

Thank you very much,