Dynamic setting of sensor DT parameter bus-width


I’m working on universal Xavier V4L driver for several sensors (L4T 32.2). At the moment the driver works OK with 2 sensors, both with number of lanes = 1. I was able the change DT ‘mode’ parameters dynamically for the respective sensor. The bus-width parameter was static, read from the device tree.

The third sensor has 2 lanes. I can change dynamically the ‘bus-width’ DT parameter (chan->numlanes) in:
csi.c : tegra_csi_get_port_info()
But the probe function of ‘NVCSI driver for T194’ (nvcsi-t194.c) executes before my driver, i.e. before the sensor model is known.

Any ideas how to overcome this problem ?


You can create another property just for your sensor driver.
Or you can modify the nvcsi driver and sensor driver to read environment setting for debugging purpose.