Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling for GPU cores


While going through documentation for the hardware, I discovered that the CPU cores support dynamic voltage and frequency scaling:


Is this also supported for the cores of the GPU?

If you take a look at /etc/nvpmodel.conf, you will see a number of parameters pertaining to CPU and GPU operating frequency. These can be changed without restarting the system or shutting down any running workloads, and I have done so. Thus, “yes,” changing frequency / power consumption dynamically is possible on the Xavier.
(Also note that the kernel already controls the frequency based on load, because the settable parameters are “min frequency” and “max frequency.”)

Yes, it is dynamic.

Please note that if you want to use the EDP mode, you need to flash with “jetson-xavier-maxn.conf” and then nvpmodel.

In fact, I searched a lot on the net and I am looking for a tool to scale the frequency and voltage of memory or cores in NVIDIA GPU with the Linux platform.
I wonder if you have any advice for me.

Sorry in advance for my poor English :-)


Have you downloaded and checked the L4T document?

thank you for the response.

can it be changed for each core individually or only for clusters?

Please refer to the detail of script jetson_clocks.sh.

thank you for the advice, but i don’t really know what i should look for.

at the moment i am just researching this platform and would like to know if there is the possibility of doing per-core dynamic voltage frequency scaling for the 512 cores of the GPU.
i know that there might be more nuance to this question, but i am only looking for an example of recent hardware supporting dynamic voltage and frequency scaling and this would be a prefect example.


We don’t support “per-core” dvfs.
All power management features are listed in L4T document (rel-31.0.1)

I would like to scale the Voltage and Frequency of Pascal GPUs installed in Supercomputers with Linux OS, not embeded system.
I wonder if there is any tool for that too.
Thanks in advance.

What do you mean “Supercomtuers with Linux OS but not embedded system” …? This is the forum board of Jetson-AGX.