Dynamixel XC-430 Servos for Kaya

Hi, all. I’m curious about the newer support for Dynamixel XC-430 servos. I’m interested in upgrading my Kaya to use these servos, but I have a couple of questions before I spend the money.

First, the docs mention XC-430-W150-T specifically. As far as I can tell, those should be compatible with other XC-430 models (such as XC-430-W240-T). Is there a reason that those wouldn’t also work with the Kaya?

Second, but maybe more importantly, the reason that I’m interested in these is for higher torque. I’ve been unable to drive the Kaya in most places in my home, due to either tile floors or thick carpet, so I’m hopeful that upgrading to these servos would help. Have others found that the XC-430-W150-T servos do much better on more difficult surfaces like these? I’ve always had trouble finding details on stall torque for the MX-12W, so I’m not entirely sure how to compare them.

Thanks a bunch for any info/advice!

Hi @bluecamel,

I think you should be able to use other XC-430 series motors without any issues. The key difference between the MX and CX series is a change in the connector and communication protocol.

Stall torque for MX-12W is 0.2 Nm, listed here: DYNAMIXEL MX-12W - ROBOTIS
Stall torque for XC-430-W150-T is 1.6 Nm, listed here: DYNAMIXEL XC430-W150-T - ROBOTIS

The XC-430 motors are slower (106 rpm no-load vs 470 rpm), but still a reasonable speed for Kaya. This more favorable torque/speed ratio is one of they key reasons we added support for the XC-430-W150-T. The W240 model you’re talking about is higher torque still (1.9 Nm), but also lower speed (70 rpm no-load). Make sure you’re okay with Kaya moving that slowly before you make your selection. There’s a good chance you’d be fine with the W150 model.

@kmaclean I’m so sorry. I completely missed your response. Thank you for the information. I actually did go ahead and upgrade to the XC430 and they work great!

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Glad to hear it!

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