dynlink_nvcuvid.h is deprecated. What should we do to continue using video reader in opencv?

It is said that
Support for CUvideosource and the associated APIs including cuvidCreateVideoSource, cuvidCreateVideoSourceW, cuvidDestroyVideoSource, cuvidSetVideoSourceState, cuvidGetVideoSourceState, cuvidGetSourceVideoFormat, cuvidGetSourceAudioFormat will be removed from the decoder API in future SDK versions. Please note that the new decode sample applications in the SDK do not use these APIs, but use FFmpeg instead.

However, I need dynlink_nvcuvid.h for video reader (OpenCV Cuda). I am using opencv cuda with c++. I really need the opencv library. I tried video decoding with video codec sdk 8.2 but I could not convert CUresult to GpuMat. Is there any alternative I can do to grab frame and convert it to GpuMat so I can use opencv cuda?

Besides, can I convert the video frame to rgb instead of yuv? The video is downloaded in pc instead of streaming from maxwell.

Please help me thank you so much!