e-con Systems Launches Wide Temperature Range HDR Camera for NVIDIA TX1/TX2

We are extremely delighted to announce the launch of e-CAM20_CUTX2 - 2 MP High Dynamic Range (HDR) camera board for NVIDIA Jetson TX1/TX2. It contains e-CAM20_CU0230_MOD, based on AR0230AT image sensor. It has ability to stream seamlessly at a wide temperature range (-40 to 105°C) with ultra-lowlight performance.

We are glad to inform you that there would be US$30 off on this special Introductory offer. Place an order online from our webstore and avail the exciting launch offer.

Hi, Dharma
How can I test HDR mode with e-CAM20_CUTX2?

We are providing sample application “ecam_tk1_guvcview“ based on Guvcview. It is a GUI based application, using that you can you can evaluate all camera controls including HDR mode. We have provided control to switch between DOL HDR and SDR mode. By that, you can disable/enable the HDR mode.

Also, e-CAM20_CUTX2 camera driver is V4L2 compliance driver. You can use any standard V4L2 based application to evaluate all features of the camera. The HDR mode is also exposed as V4L2 control (V4L2_CID_HDR), you can turn it on or off.

Dear Dharma,
Is there any document for streaming (include encode/decode) HDR video with your camera module?
Thank in advance

You can download all the necessary document from the below link.

Our Module output format will be UYVY, you can use gstreamer plugins to directly stream the camera to display, encode and save it in memory, and also for decoding. Kindly refer our “e-CAM20_CUTX2 Gstreamer Usage Guide” for more information.

Dear Dharma,
Could you please tell me more detail about your HDR format output of your camera? I want to get HDR data then display on TV and also encode it. Do you have any example for gstreamer pipeline for those thing?
Otherwise, product on the link bellow also support for HDR mode? what is the meaning of iHDR?