E-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU22 simplifies Integration with NVIDIA Metropolis

NVIDIA Metropolis addresses the increasing demand for efficient video management across diverse applications. It integrates VST (Video Storage Toolkit) as a robust tool and collaborates with e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU22, providing an ideal hardware solution.

What is NVIDIA Metropolis?

NVIDIA Metropolis is a platform designed to streamline the usage of Edge AI applications (development, deployment, etc.) on NVIDIA Jetson devices. It introduces Metropolis Microservices for Jetson, offering a modular framework that empowers developers to break down complex applications into smaller, manageable microservices with APIs for easy integration.

The platform enhances the Metropolis ecosystem by incorporating elements like the Video Storage Toolkit (VST) and DeepStream, along with new analytics features, providing building blocks for edge AI systems. It includes out-of-the-box functionality for security, monitoring, alerts, IoT/API gateways, and deployment, facilitating the productization of edge AI solutions. Its key components include:

  • Video Storage Toolkit (VST)
  • DeepStream
  • Analytics

How does NVIDIA Metropolis work?

NVIDIA Metropolis leverages REST APIs at its core on the Jetson platform, facilitating the configuration and retrieval of results through microservices. This architecture allows developers to construct applications addressing real-world use cases by utilizing these APIs. The utilization of REST APIs enables remote and secure interactions over HTTP.

The architecture employs containerized deployment, where microservices and application logic are encapsulated within containers. These containers are then deployed as a bundle using Docker Compose, enabling software to be packaged, deployed remotely, and run independently. Ultimately, it streamlines the development and deployment process for edge AI applications.

Where can NVIDIA Metropolis be used?

NVIDIA Metropolis is utilized for developing and deploying AI-driven smart solutions, particularly through analyzing video streams from surveillance cameras. Some of its use cases include:

  • Traffic management
  • Smart parking
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Retail analytics

NVIDIA Metropolis elevates these applications by offering real-time insights for improved emergency responses, crowd management, and consumer behavior analysis. This platform also empowers smart cities to build safe, sustainable urban ecosystems, leveraging AI and deep learning to improve how public services are created and delivered.

Why e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU22 is a best-fit camera for NVIDIA Metropolis

RouteCAM_CU22, designed and developed by e-con Systems, is an ONVIF-compliant camera with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and RTSP image format support. This Full HD, IP67-rated camera is based on a Sony® STARVIS™ IMX662, 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor, supporting 1080p video streaming at 60 fps and features an inbuilt ISP for superior HDR performance in low-light conditions. This camera also maintains superior image quality over cable lengths up to 100m. Some of its highlights include PTP synchronization support and low latency (up to 75ms).

The integration of VST and RouteCAM_CU22 forms a complete video management solution. This camera is connected with VST (Video Storage Toolkit (VST) is an offering that is part of the Metropolis framework for efficient management of cameras and videos on Jetson-based platforms).

It simplifies the entire setup with automatic ONVIF camera discovery and supports custom streams. In turn, this ensures seamless video management and enabling functions like recording, playback, and multi-format support (H.264 & H.265). Also, it comes with intuitive monitoring through video walls to enhance situational awareness, with smart recording optimizing storage usage based on events.

How to connect e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU22 with NVIDIA Metropolis

Connecting e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU22 with NVIDIA Metropolis is a straightforward process that does not require coding, thanks to the camera’s ONVIF compliance. Once connected, NVIDIA Metropolis automatically detects the authorized RouteCAM_CU22, streamlining the setup.

This effortless integration allows users to immediately start utilizing the Metropolis UX application, with all required tools and interfaces readily available for advanced operations.

Such simplicity ensures a smooth transition to leveraging the full capabilities of NVIDIA Metropolis for various applications.

Benefits of e-con Systems’ RouteCAM_CU22


The ease of integration with NVIDIA Metropolis sets RouteCAM apart. Being ONVIF compliant, it easily connects with Metropolis, making the deployment process much smoother. Furthermore, its support for Gigabit Ethernet and RTSP ensures rapid data transfer, which can be very useful for real-time analytics and processing in edge AI applications. This combination of compatibility and speed makes RouteCAM a standout choice for developers.

Suitable for Various Applications

RouteCAM_CU22 is designed to be customizable for several industries, such as smart city, modern retail, environmental monitoring, and more. Its flexibility allows for a broad spectrum of applications, from traffic monitoring to customer behavior analysis, making it a valuable tool for those looking to harness the power of AI for better insights and decision-making.

Simple Management with VST

Managing complex video analytics systems is streamlined with RouteCAM_CU22’s integration into the VST platform. This platform enables easy setup and control, supports multiple video formats for recording and playback, and introduces smart recording to conserve storage without sacrificing quality. Its capability to create video walls also offers users a complete overview, enhancing situational awareness and operational efficiency.

Cloud-Based for Maximum Flexibility

RouteCAM_CU22 offers the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt to changing requirements. It embraces this by enabling easy management and scaling of systems in the cloud, empowering those leveraging cloud-based analytics. Hence, RouteCAM_CU22 also provides the ability to expand operations without huge upfront investments in physical infrastructure.

Powerful Imaging Capabilities

RouteCAM_CU22 comes with the features needed in today’s AI-driven applications. These include ease of connection, extensive customization options, simple management, and the adaptability offered by cloud-based services. Together, these capabilities exceed user expectations as the premier camera choice for NVIDIA Metropolis.

e-con Systems can help scale new heights with NVIDIA Metropolis

As NVIDIA’s Elite partner, e-con Systems excels in offering top-tier cameras custom-made for NVIDIA Jetson Platforms, combining high efficiency with low energy consumption. These cameras, compatible with various Jetson developer kits, including Jetson AGX Orin and Nano, enhance next-gen intelligent machines and embedded IoT applications.

e-con Systems also offers V4L2-compliant device drivers, test applications with the source code, and required documentation, comprising software and hardware documentation.

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