E3579 HSD-to-dual RJ-45 device and its power supply for Drive Xavier


Each Drive Xavier comes with one E3579 HSD-to-dual RJ-45 device.
i.e. the device that allows connecting 2 RJ-45 ethernet lidar to one ethernet port on Drive Xavier.

Where can I buy more of these device, its fraka cable, and power supply in worldwide even in Taiwan?
Could anybody provide a seller’s contact information for my reference?


Dear pattyliang,
I sent a PM for this topic. Please help to check PM. Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

There has no information about how to buy a dual ethernet dongle (E3579),
please check again.


Dear pattyliang,
Regarding dual ethernet dongle (E3579) purchase, could you please contact NVIDIA Rep for details in TW? Thanks.


Can you share how to purchase this dongle outside of TW (i.e. Europe) please?


Hi bSull,

I have sent you how to purchase it via the PM, Please cheack it, thanks.


Hi Patty,

please can you send me “instructions” how to order ethernet dongle E3579 (E3579 HSD-to-dual RJ-45). We need buy 3 pcs.

Thanks, Michal

Where can I buy “E3579 Ethernet Dongle” and “1G HSD Cable”?

Please let me know about the info.


Dear dhkimtgf49 & michal.bartos,

Could you please contact your NVIDIA account manager to get it?
If you don’t know who that is, please let me know your region information? Thanks.

Dear SteveNV

I’m in Korea South.

Could I get that one in Korea South somewhere?
Or could i buy that at web-site?

Let me konw about the info, please.

Dear dhkimtgf49,
Could you please let me know if you are DriveAGX user and have a NDA contract with NVIDIA? Thanks.