Easiest approach to boot from SSD using custom pinmux changes

Hello, I have the nvme ssd attached to the Jetson Xavier NX M.2 key slot. I have the sdkmanager installed on my host computer. I also edited the pinmux tables so the flash script can easily use flash the jetson with my pinmux changes. My question is:
How can have the Jetson boot from the SSD using my new pinmux changes and files. Thanks.

By default, the pinmux change on NX is not stored on the NVMe. It is still from internal boot device as QSPI.

After pinmux is done, there should be a cfg file and you need to do full flash on it.

An alternative is using jetsonIO.

@WayneWWW, I did the flash. now how do I make sure it boots from the SSD. Is there a direct series of steps I can follow from here on? I tried flashing it with:

sudo ./flash.sh jetson-xavier-nx-devkit external // supposed to enable boot from usb or ssd

after flash it gave the message:
*** The target t186ref has been flashed successfully. ***

Make the target filesystem available to the device and reset the board to boot from external external.

So I rebooted the device but apparently it could not locate the addresses. Did I miss something before?
Now it is flashed with the right settings and pins, what i want is have it boot from the SSD.

After perusing through docs. Finally got it to work. Thanks.

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