East-West Overlay IPSEC issue

After following instruction to enable IPSEC_Offload

/sys/class/net/p0/compat/devlink/ipsec_mode is not generated by openibd and does not exist, nor can I write to the directory as it is locked by kernel.

Script cannot open IPSEC tunnel due to this error.


Hello @ying.zhu,

Thank you for posting your query on our community. I would like to refer you to the below article which lists how to enable and configure IPsec full offload with DOCA 2.2.0.
IPsec full offload is configured on the ARM via the uplink netdev. Please retry the listed procedure and try rebooting instead of restarting the IB driver.


If the issue still persists, please open a support ticket with us by emailing " Networking-support@nvidia.com " for further investigation of the issue. Please also provide us with a snapshot from your server which can be collected using the tool and instruction found at - GitHub - Mellanox/linux-sysinfo-snapshot: Linux Sysinfo Snapshot 2

Please note that an active support contract would be required for the same. If you do not have a current support contract, please reach out to our Contracts team at networking-contracts@nvidia.com.


Hi thanks for replying, I cannot modify the netdev directories or make the driver do it since it is not supported on the kernel level and I am restricted. I followed the instructions of the link you send but the file /sys/class/net/p0/compat/devlink/ipsec_mode does not get generated and I cannot manually generate it and ipsec is not enabled.

Please assist