Easy Linux and Nvidia CUDA Setup Request

Okay, well I have been trying to figure this out for weeks and I am at a loss. I keep on getting stuck at the same spots, so I am here out of frustration.

I have a dedicated BOINC machine with two CUDA capable GPU’s installed. After a update a few months back BOINC won’t crunch with them anymore and I get the “No usable GPUs found” error despite about a hundred attempts at correcting. There are lot of posts online but no definitive corrections. BOINC has asked for somebody to write a new guide but it doesn’t look like it is coming anytime soon.

Can somebody help with idiot-proof instructions for Nvidia? I am fully willing to start from scratch. I am used to Mint/Ubuntu but will try any distro if it gets me there. All I use this machine for BOINC processes and checking the web for why BOINC isn’t crunching with the GPUs.