EasyTK1_IO v2: a brand new Jetson TK1 IO shield

A short post to inform you that it’s finally available a new simple shield to adapt the IO voltage levels of the Jetson TK1 board : Easy_TK1_IO v2

The Easy TK1 board allows to easily connect the Jetson TK1 to external devices with solid connectors for UART (2), I2C (2), and a few digital IO lines (7).

Two jumpers allow the selection of 3V3 or 5V voltage level.

Finally the front panel connector is fully available on the board as 4 robust and handy 2-pins connectors: power on, reset, power led and HDD led.

The board can be used for robotics and any other application that requires IO interface with the external world that works at 5V or 3V3 voltage level.

Why “Easy TK1” IO board? I personally requested it to Mauro Soligo… I needed it for my robotics project: http://myzharbot.robot-home.it/blog/

A fully description is available here:

its 19,000 EURO ? http://katodo.com/it/katodo-kit/654-EasyTK1-IO-V2-COMPONENT.html ???

In much of the world, you need to interchange “.” and “,” from American usage when reading numbers :)