Echo cancellation on Jetson


We are working on a product with multiple audio inputs, we would like to explore options to do echo cancelling on the Jetson (TX1 or TX2). Is there any module on the Jetson that we could use for that? Maybe the ADSP?

Can we implement an echo cancelling algorithm on the ADSP?


Hi, Any guidance on this is appreciated.

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Hi David,

Thanks following up on this, unfortunately, there is still no support for the ADSP for Jetson on our current releases. However, I will make a note of this and provide feedback to our team that there is interest.

By the way, I assume that running such applications on the CPU would not work due to realtime deadlines, latency etc. Can you confirm that is the case?


Hi Jonathanh,

Your understanding is correct and for this reason we would like exploring the echo cancelling on the ADSP. Furthermore, we would like to avoid the extra overhead on the ARM side which is used for other tasks.