Eclipse CDT + gcc + Cmake


I’ve been browsing the forum topics, and Eclipse seems like a common environment for development on Linux, but I was wondering if it is also possible to use on Windows? According to the Nvidia notes on the compiler, the only supported host compiler is the Visual Studio C/C++ compiler. However, I plan on using Eclipse CDT with the FindCuda.cmake script. If anyone uses this setup, I would be interested in knowing whether it has worked out well.


Well, from what I’ve gathered, it looks like it won’t work. Why do they not let us choose our own host compiler?

I also was trying to use Eclipse on Windows. I ended up downloading Cygwin after reading this article:

[url=“IBM Developer”]IBM Developer

Because Eclipse likes a “Linux-like” environment.

Additionally, you need Eclipse to start talking to the nvcc compiler. At that step, I got stuck and switched to Visual Studio 2005.

I would be very interested in making Eclipse work with CUDA on Windows because I’m much more comfortable in that development environment.

Good luck. If I find anything else, I’ll let you know.

Have somebody running Eclipse with CUDA on Windows?