Eclipse Juno - CUDA 4.0


i’m trying to configure eclipse juno with cuda 4.0, i have a project created with cuda 4.0 and i can’t port it to newer version of cuda and then neither use nsight. I following this but i did not have fortune. When i try to create an empty project with cuda toolkit, eclipse says " At least one configuration should be available. Project cannot be created."

Anyone can help me?

What do you see on the last page of the “New C++ Project” wizard? Can you add build configurations manually?

Also please check .metadata/.log in your workspace (~/workspace by default). I am not familiar with how this plugin is implemented but chances are it can’t find the compiler.

Hi eugeneo,

now i have installed another plugin for cuda, and i have create an empty project, in the properties of the project i have set che PATH variable and the include path for cuda libraries.

When i click on “Build Project” it say: No rules to generate the object …, need to “all”. STOP