Eclipse project deleted developing on TX2

I’m developing on a TX2 using Eclipse.
I was trying to run/debug the code when Eclipse hangs and crash… after that, project files seems to be deleted from the filesystem.
Has this happened to someone else?


This has not happened to me, but I am curious about what shows up from “df -H /where/ever/the/missing/file is/” (the storage available at the path to the location of a file).

Normally I would expect things to simply disappear and go away only if there was a file system corruption and reboot resulted in a journal replay removing recent changes. I could see some implementation which edits a file as momentarily removing it and then rewriting it…and if there wasn’t enough disk space simply being erased.

Hi alessand01,

Could you help to figure out a way to reproduce this issue?

Thank you for your answers.

vickyy → I’m sorry by I don’t know how to reproduce this. I was going to test a modified version of the YOLO-TensorRT-GIE- code (

linuxdev → I have about 2GB free in the partition.

Is this same partition used for flashing? If so, then you would have momentarily gone to 100% use.

yes, it is… so you think it could be a temporary 100% use of disk space?

Yes. I don’t know why it would delete eclipse, but consider that if refreshing or upgrading deletes some files and then puts them back in place…but if some temporary files are in place prior to putting eclipse back in place, then it would fail and revert. On the other hand, if you haven’t done anything to change disk usage, e.g., adding or updating packages, then 2GB should be more than enough.

What was done recently in terms of JetPack or other package tools doing updates?

Thank you linuxdev.
I think nothing, one or two days before I have installed opencv3 and zed sdk.

It seems like finding the cause will not be easy. About all I can suggest is that in the directory where you put JetPack the “df -H /where/ever/that/is” command will show content, and “watch df -H /where/ever/that/is” will monitor this and show changes. You might reinstall JetPack or whatever application you want there, and carefully watch to see if size approaches full.

If there is more than one partition involved, e.g., “/tmp” is often in the root partition but maybe you mounted another partition where JetPack goes, then filling of any partition will be an issue. You can put more than one path in the “df” command, e.g., “watch df -H /where/ever/it/is /tmp”. Or you can simply read all ext4 partitions constantly with “watch df -H -t ext4” (and if the partition isn’t ext4 there is probably an issue there).

Many thanks!