I am aware that the subject of PGI support for Eclipse has come up before, and that it is on PGI’s roadmap.

Is it possible to get an idea of when that support will materialize? I am particularly interested in the Photran side of things.



Hi Malcom,

You should be able to get Photran to work with pgfortran now. Per Photran’s FAQ (See: it will work with any compiler since it doesn’t call the compiler directly (it’s called via a makefile). It’s also my understanding that Photran is able to parse our error messages as well.

What we need to do is probably write-up a ‘How-to’ guide or add an auto-configuration script of some type. Photran might have a problem with CUDA Fortran syntax. Not sure all the details though. We have one engineer that’s working on the C and CUDA C side and once that’s done he work on the Fortran side and possibly integrate our debugger. No firm time line at this point.

  • Mat

Thanks Mat for the reply. I suspect it is more complicated than described in the FAQ. What leads me to believe that is the fact that Intel has a code chunk that is specifically intended for Eclipse. It may be that it is designed to enable proper interpretation of their error codes, or maybe it is something else. Whatever it is, the need was a strong enough motivation for them to create the code. Maybe one of the engineers can look into it?


Maybe one of the engineers can look into it?

One of our tools engineers is. He’s finishing up the C/C++ side first (amongst other projects) and then will start on Photran. It is a side project so he doesn’t have a firm time line but I’ll push a bit.


Hi Mat. Any update on progress toward support for Eclipse and Photran?


Hi Malcolm,

We should have the C/C++ Eclipse add-on as part of the 12.0 release. I’m not sure about Fortran but did mention it again in our weekly Engineering meeting.

  • Mat