Eco Mode in combination with live streaming

Hello together,

I`ve updated my solution to the newest version of Create… that now supports “Eco Mode”. This is a very important feature for us, because our scenes a mostly static and do not require the render loop to run when the camera (or the scene) is not changed. Another grate benefit of the eco mode is the ability to pool kit instances (when they do not waste gpu and cpu resources) and bring down the time it requires to start up the whole process.

Two questions regarding this:

  1. I can see GPU load goes down to zero when enabling Eco mode (perfect !), but why is kit still consuming so much cpu ressources, when it does “nothing”?

  2. In our scenario, we use live streaming (currently websocket, later than webrtc). Would it be possible to pause the encoder (or reduce the frames per second) in Eco mode? When using live streaming, even with eco mode enabled, the gpu has still workload for the encoding



Eco mode will stop updating the images after a certain number of iteration where it did not detect scene changes.
but it doesn’t Unload any of the scene or resource so it can start instantly back. so you will see reduced GPU activity but it wont reduce the GPU Memory utilitsation.

As for Streaming, at the moment No Streaming is running at a fixed framerate, but I will check if there is some message/settings we get from RTX EcoMode that we can use to “throttle” pause the streaming too that is a good suggestion