Edge Computing: Considerations for Security Architects

Originally published at: Edge Computing: Considerations for Security Architects | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Learn about considerations organizations must take to secure AI models at the edge when incorporating edge computing into their strategy.

I really enjoyed the article. I do have a few questions. Background - I have over 20 years experience starting with protecting mobile devices that are in the wild to securing infrastructure in the cloud. I am working with the Nano, TX, NX and have an AG on back order. I work with TAO and DeepStream. The article shared a great deal of information on goals and partnerships. I understand the need to encrypt, zero trust, trusted boot,leveraging Microsoft’s IOT service,etc.
What I did not see are references to how to address each of the security topics and map them to NVidia devices. I would appreciate another article on explicitly mapping the security area of concerns to NVidia edge devices.
I will go even further. I will implement recommended Nvidia edge device security controls and write a post on the implementation - the pros and the cons. I would need to see a list of the recommended security controls from NVidia that can be applied to NVidia edge devices.
Hope this helps.